EyeFly 3D - NEXT GENERATION 3D Smartphone Screen Protector

3D finally breaks free - now you can transform your mobile phone into your own portable 3D screen, with the simple application of one incredibly tricked-up screen protector. NO glasses required!

The world's first glasses-free 3D is built with nanotechnology. The EyeFly 3D screen is covered in microscopic lenses less than one thousandth of a millimetre in size. Utilising ultra-thin screen protector film with high optical transparency, standard 2D viewing remains undistorted. But the real payoff? Incredible 3D without the need for glasses.

Currently the 3D screen protector is available in Australia only for Iphone 5, with other platforms coming soon.

Please note - you will need to download two EyeFly 3D free apps from the Apple App store to use the product. Click here to watch a video on how to install your EyeFly 3D film.

For a limited time, the EyeFly 3D iphone screen protector is available in Australia at a promotional price of US$34.95. The EyeFly 3D product comes with a high-grade nano-engineered film that turns the ordinary screens of handheld devices into 3D displays and also acts as a screen protector. It comes with a step-by-step guide on how to install and use the product, as well as a sticky tape and a cloth for cleaning.

Please note - the buy now button above is for retail customers looking to buy a single screen protector. Wholesale customers please use the online shop at J&M Communications.

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